Catalogue Record n: 1500295278 an entity of type: CatalogueRecordOA

Catalogue Record n: 1500295278 
Scheda catalografica n: 1500295278 
/DO[1]/VDS[1]/VDST[1]: CD ROM /DO[1]/VDS[1]/VDSI[1]: Villa Floridiana /DO[1]/VDS[1]/VDSP[1]: 01CA1326 /DO[1]/VDS[2]/VDST[1]: CD ROM /DO[1]/VDS[2]/VDSI[1]: Villa Floridiana /DO[1]/VDS[2]/VDSP[1]: 01CA1327 Il pezzo รจ stato danneggiato nel corso del terremoto del 23.11.80 
2021-04-10 13:34:41.432629 

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